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Name:Felicity Meghan Smoak
Birthdate:May 31
Felicity Meghan Smoak (born c. May 31 1988)[1] is a member of Oliver Queen's team, his former executive assistant and a customer service member at Tech Village.

Felicity is the daughter of an unnamed man, and Donna Smoak, the partner-in-vigilantism and a good friend of Oliver Queen, John Diggle, and the late Sara Lance. She is the primary contact between The Arrow and SCPD Officer Quentin Lance. She is also a friend and former employee of Walter Steele. Felicity is very intelligent and extremely proficient with electronics, which is why both Walter and Oliver initially approached her for help in their separate problems.

Felicity was drawn into Oliver's vigilante team due to her desire to find her abducted boss and friend, Walter Steele, who, prior to his kidnapping, had secretly asked her to look into some suspicious things happening with his money and business. When she finds evidence confirming his suspicions, Walter asks her to stop looking further because he didn't want to put her in more danger. However, she stubbornly continues to look into it, and after Walter is kidnapped, she realizes that he might have been taken due to the things she found.

Meanwhile, Oliver Queen has approached Felicity for help with a few odd tasks (that he couldn't complete himself), using ridiculous cover stories in a vain attempt to hide the true purpose of his request. Putting two and two together, Felicity begins to suspect that Oliver was involved with Starling City's new vigilante archer, which helps her eventually decide to approach Oliver with Walter's copy of The List (which Walter found in his and Moira's bedroom), trusting him with the information.

After Oliver is shot by his mother, he retreats to Felicity's car, revealing his identity to her and asking her to drive him to his warehouse instead of a hospital. After she and Diggle save his life, she agrees to join his team, but only until they find Walter. After Walter is found and rescued in "The Undertaking," Felicity decided to remain with the team.

In the beginning, Felicity doesn't agree with Oliver's methods in catching criminals, but later starts to loosen up after she helps capture The Dodger and realizes that what he does isn't all bad. Unfortunately, she would later be unable to get a lock on the location of a criminal, and is subsequently forced to watch a man die due to her failure. She begins to lose faith in herself until John Diggle realizes that their target was on a moving train underground, which allows her to anticipate where the train would be next and help save Roy Harper.

Felicity has gone on three undercover missions: first as a card-counter in a mob-run casino, second as a Big Belly Burger delivery girl at Merlyn Global Group, and third as bait for The Dollmaker. In the episode Time of Death, she had her first solo-mission, taking down William Tockman.
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